hello! i'm harteus. i'm a nineteen year old kid living
in sweden, drawing and running this art blog
most of the time. one day i wish to become a
professional illustrator or concept artist. (beware
of possible nsfw content!)


Anonymous: hey, i was just wondering. i have CS2 and i cannot find that brush you showed you use :O would it be too much to ask which one/where it is? your art is amazing and the colors blend nicely so i'm curious how you do it

yo!! no problemo friend!

it’s in the thick heavy brushes set, the third one from the top. it’s a lovely brush really! i hope you find it. thank you so much!!! <3

Anonymous: do you usually paint in black and white before color?

never, i always paint with colour. when i draw b&w it will also stay that way, hoho! 

i clearly cannot animate. i&#8217;m getting so angry at this school thing, it&#8217;s not really working out, at all. plus it&#8217;s so cold in my room my hands get so stiff i can hardly draw, seriously, it&#8217;s SO COLD IN HERE.

The Vampire Artbook Kickstarter!

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This artbook includes a wide range of different vampires, its aim being to showcase and explore just how diverse the concepts of vampires and vampirism truly are, while also focusing on their elegant, lethal, and brutal aspects. 

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ohh, dear fellows, this is so important to me; check out this artbook that i&#8217;ve been featured in and help it get funded by donating some money!the book is filled with amazing artists which i feel so blessed to be sharing pages with, and as you can see from the previews, the artwork in this book is splendid. phantomseptember has done such a great job putting this together. please consider buying the book or simply reblog to help others find it. ♡(check out the print and bookmark extras yo, i&#8217;m lucky enough to be featured in them as well as having another lovely, secret piece in the book!)
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phenergan: how do you pronounce majestätät/

the first one is the german pronounciation, and the second one by “eyoma” is the swedish one, the one i use for him. gotta say the german version is hella fancy though haha.


I recently reached the 200 follower mark, and as a thank you to all you lovely people, I’ve decided to host a little art giveaway :)
THREE WINNERS will be chosen randomly with a number generator. 

First prize will win a full color character painting (can be a preexisting character or one of your own invention!)
Second Prize will win full color character chibi (any character you like!)
Third Prize will win a character sketch (again, any character is fine)

Here’s what you can do to win!

1. Must be following my blog
2. Must reblog this post at least once (the more you reblog, the higher your chances of winning!)

And that’s it :)
Good luck to everyone! And thank you all for following my blog &lt;3
The Deadline to participate in this Giveaway is November 30th. Winners will be contacted directly by me. 
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look i found majestät as a woman

oh my god, this is painfully accurate. i applaude you for finding this! i’m casually gonna faceclaim this woman for more realistic paintings, seriously, this is so, so cool! she looks exactly like i’d picture him if he was real. thanks!!!!

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update: ah okay, so i’m home now over the weekend, and as i think many of you have noticed; i haven’t really posted anything of value since i moved. i will answer every message in my inbox, i just need a little more time! i’m trying to settle in and adjust to school, which takes a lot of energy. 

but i have some good news! firstly, i’ve been accepted to the vampire artbook, as the kickstarter launches i think you’ll know a lot more about it, and secondly, i reached 5000 followers the other night! that’s completely mindblowing and i’m feeling so honored and flattered. i’m halfway to reaching my goal, haha, i’m excited to see if i can reach 10000 before turning 20, that’d be like the best birthday gift ever. luckily for me, it’s still many months to go. thank you all SO MUCH and thank you for showing so much patience. i will get into posting soon, i promise, i just need some time for other things first.