A speedpaint for Harteus because she inspires me so much to do better in my art.
This is a huge file a full view may look better
I’m trying to force myself to draw on a large canvas
Full image view

NOOOoooOooooO are YoU FUCKING WITH EMG Vjeeeenwhyyyy are you so cute, i can’t stand it! this looks so beautifullllll, everything is just perfect omg, THANK YOU SO MUCH holy shit! you actually did it! i’m super amazed and totally blown away, so much love in your direction right nowsobbingi love it ♡
damnnyoulaurenn said: It's been so much fun watching your art grow up these past couple months. *tear* I remember your first giveaway for 150 followers. Super happy for you!

sweet jesus, thank you so much! ♡ i can’t believe how this even happened. i remember that first giveaway too and back then i was already so amazed about the feedback i had gotten, and now i’ve come even further! (the craziest part is probably the fact that it has gone so damn fast! like, where will i be in another couple of months??? i’m super excited!)


kinsara said: Are you thinking of doing another livestream anytime soon? The last one was really fun ^^

oh, i’m glad to know you enjoyed it! i do have a few paintings on the way, though none of them are in the livestreaming state just yet, haha! it’d feel a bit embarrassing showing off the mess that they are right now. but as soon as i’ve worked a bit more with them i’ll make a stream! thank you ♡


i’ve decided to host a new giveaway as a little celebration for my 2500 follower mark! can you imagine what a huge milestone this is for me. it’s insane. i’m so happy about it!
this time i’ve decided upon choosing only one winner, as the prize will be a full painting and probably take me some time to do. the examples featured are made with different levels of details and speed, but they’re all what i would call a “full painting”. 
the winner may choose only a portrait, but i’m fully capable of doing a bigger piece with more details + background, as well as featuring more than one character if it’s what the winner wishes! additional details will obviously be discussed between the two of us. 


you may reblog + like this as many times as you wish. the more you reblog it, the bigger your chance of winning! (please be considerate and don’t spam your followers though! that’d be.. unfortunate.)
the contest will up for roughly a month. IT ENDS THE 17th OF MAY
please be following me! this is a chance for followers only.
i’ll announce the winner as soon as i have heard back from them. so be sure to have your askbox open so i can contact you!
the winner will be selected randomly, using a random generator. 


PENCIL SKETCH - 1 character bust: 7$ + 1 char.: 5$
- character fullbody: 12$ + 1 char.: 8$

- 1 character bust: 15$ + 1 char.: 10$
- 1 character fullbody: 20$ + 1 char. 15$

- 1 character bust: 20$ + 1 char.: 15$
- 1 character fullbody: 30$ + 1 char.: 20$

-backgrounds: 5-20$ depending on complexity, color/b&w etc.
(keep in mind prices are negotiable!)
i’ll draw almost anything; fanart, oc’s, furries, animals, shippy art, nsfw art even…. although i can refuse any suggestion if it doesn’t sit right with me. either way i’m open to pretty much everything~ take a look-see here for more of my art!
contact me at babelstrudel@hotmail.com if you’re interested  and we’ll sort it out! be sure to include refs for oc’s, character-descriptions, what kind of drawing and pose you want etc. if you’ve got any questions you can send an ask, but since tumblr’s got a pretty nasty habit of eating ‘em maybe it’s a safer choice to ask via e-mail ´ < `;; it’s up to you, either way i’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
i won’t start the commission until i’ve been paid, and payment will be through paypal only (USD, same e-mail adress) but don’t send any money until you’ve got a response from me. if you’re a swede like me, bank transfers will do too (nordea, swedbank etc.), and i might even be able to send you the drawing via mail if you wanna slap it on the fridge or whatever!
so yeah holler at me if you’re interested, otherwise please help spread the word by reblogging! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

i’ve been seeing these two everywhere n so i had to get this outta my system inbetween commissions… help i’m in too deep….
(characters belong to captainhanni pls check them out!)

hNNNNGUU let’s fangirl about these two together hanna. 
this morning i saw a post made by captainhanni featuring these two cuties. i just had to draw them. i hope you like it, captain!