hello! i'm harteus. i'm a nineteen year old kid living
in sweden, drawing and running this art blog
most of the time. one day i wish to become a
professional illustrator or concept artist. (beware
of possible nsfw content!)


August 31st 14 · 10,243 notes
August 29th 14 · 16 notes GIVEAWAY WINNERS

i’m sorry to announce them a week late. moving, and all that. but here they are;

myladyday also won the comission prize. i’ll send the prints out tomorrow, so hopefully you’ll get them very soon! thank you ALL for participating!

August 25th 14 · 21 notes

it’s my second night out here tonight. things are going surprisingly well, though internet is really slow and limited. it’s so quiet and dark here during the night, the silence is kinda crushing in a way. i’ve met so many new people these past couple of days! the ones i live with are much older than me, but really nice, and they help me out a lot. and my class is pretty cool as well!

it’s still scary to take care of yourself for real like this, but i’m doing pretty okay actually. i haven’t had any time for drawing, obviously, and i’m still conquering my fear of spiders. but i think everything will go back to normal as soon as i settle in. 

August 23rd 14 · 21 notes

ah, so yes, i’m moving tomorrow! i’m super scared but excited at the same time. thank you for all the luck wishes! as i’ve said before, i won’t be super active for a while. i just gotta settle in first i think. but i’ll still check for messages and maybe post some sketches and stuff!

the censored version of my and perplexingly’s collaboration! i’ve painted their lines and vice versa, you can find their work and the uncensored version of this HERE 
their painting is just so goddamn amazing you gotta click that link.
i did it! i finished it before sunday ahh. well it’s not very refined but i simply don’t have time to work on it anymore. i might do a more detailed close up of their lovely faces tho!
August 21st 14 · 10,243 notes

A commission for the ever lovely Harteus! CHECK THEM OUT:
This is their character, Riddaren I HAD SO MUCH FUN DRAWING THIS CHARACTER YES I DID :^D
Furthermore I recorded the process!
☆ Part 1:
☆ Part 2:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh LOOK LOOK LOOK at this AMAZING comission i got from pin! it’s GLORIOUS! /bows down in awe
August 21st 14 · 28 notes

UPDATE: i’m moving this sunday to a new school. i’ve never really left home before so i’m super nervous to finally live by myself! (though, still in a dorm.) this obviously means i won’t be able to draw just as much for a while. i’ll still be equally as active, except art posting. i have some really nice big things that i’ll try finish during the weekends though, so don’t fear my children, for great things are coming. yoooo

August 18th 14 · 35 notes

hey guys, i recently got accepted to the game of thrones art book by fictograph! this is really exciting for me, and i know some of you applied as well, so maybe shoot me an ask if you’re in it as well? it’d be really fun to see if i know anyone else participating. :—-)

my first art book /starry eyes