hello! i'm harteus. i'm a nineteen year old kid living
in sweden, drawing and running this art blog
most of the time. one day i wish to become a
professional illustrator or concept artist. (beware
of possible nsfw content!)


July 28th 14 · 6 notes

print update: i have them finally, and they look good! thanks to your advices. i had to pay for them again so i’ll try to make up for it with comissions i think, but at least they’re all ready! now i just need to figure out the best way to ship them. 

July 28th 14 · 290 notes
July 28th 14 · 20 notes

Yeah, scanner doesn’t work at all so I hope it’s not looking as bad as It does to me (looks waayyy better in real life even if on non-watercolour paper). I tried to edit but probably impossible.
But anyway here’s (an accidental) drawing of harteus's oc Majestät.
(why accidental? Well after long break of no traditional art I wanted to get back to it and tried to paint my Evil Queen!Carmen BUT she started to look way too masculine for her and other details(curly hair just not her). Then I remembered him and just couldn’t stop from unseeing him ;n;). 

July 25th 14 · 4 notes

i just wanted to tell you guys i won’t be online much or not at all for about a week now. my internet went out, unfortunately. so if you message me or anything and i don’t answer i’m not ignoring you. ♡

July 22nd 14 · 109 notes
July 22nd 14 · 6 notes

oh my, thank you for the massive response to the print post! i feel a bit embarrassed i didn’t ask about this before printing, i guess sometimes you just have to learn the hard way. 

there’s a lot more to it than i thought, so thank you so much for every input and advice! some of you are obviously far more experienced when it comes to printing, so i’m super grateful you would help me out. i really felt upset about this, but i’m starting to think it might turn out okay. i will change my files after your suggestions and then call the printing company. 

i’m sending lots of love your way, thank you!

July 22nd 14 · 38 notes

i just spent 58 fucking dollars on these horrible, horrible prints. the quality is shitty and the colours completely off. some are so dark, like the kelpie boy, that you can’t even make out his fucking face.
they were all set to cmyk colours and jpg:s with 300 dpi. (i think i set the width to at least 2000 px on every piece and they were printed into 20x30) did i do something wrong? i feel so completely stupid. there’s no way i can send these for the giveaway. i just lost like 400 sek and i just want to cry. i have to reprint these obviously, so any help is very much welcome. i’ll probably have to start pumping with my comission information again to make up for this.

July 21st 14 · 14 notes

guys, guys! you should all follow my friend greendragon-threebroomsticks, she doesn’t only do amazingly cute art, she’s also so incredibly kind and sweet and i don’t know what i’d do without her. <333

July 20th 14 · 83 notes