hello! i'm harteus. i'm a nineteen year old kid living
in sweden, drawing and running this art blog
most of the time. one day i wish to become a
professional illustrator or concept artist. (beware
of possible nsfw content!)


sketched a little for the palette/pose meme thing. so here’s tinderain. i’ll go sleep now so i’ll not answer any more asks until morning. good night and thank you for keeping me occupied. <3
Anonymous: how do you make an OC and when do you decide they're done and fully developed?

ooh well i don’t think any of my ocs are fully developed. they kinda change all the time, and that’s totally okay. you don’t have to make a complete design the first thing you do, it takes a lot of time. 

i guess most of my ocs are built on certain bases, like, i wanted a king and knight, and thus i made a king and a knight. i don’t know if “”“generic”“” ocs would keep me so inspired a long time… some of these guys i’ve had since i was thirteen, so they’ve become like a part of me. i hope you make some cool interesting ocs! <3

Anonymous: What would your OCs Facebook look like? Profile pictures, statuses, etc.

robinius’ would be a series of sneaky passive agressive notes and fancy black and white photographs, cassius’ would be filled with funny observations and zero pictures. majestät’s would be brimming with selfies and “time to party”-type statuses. riddaren wouldn’t have one at all. kelpie would make shy posts like once a year that gets deleted after ten minutes and with a profile picture of a horse. tinderain would probably have one just because cassius needs someone to like his statuses. 

3d-star: Hi! I didn't know if I should write in Swedish or not but I just wanted to say that I love your art and have been following you for a while. =) I just wanted to ask, how many of your followers do you think know that you're using Swedish words for your OC's names?

oooh, hello fellow swede!

i hope they get it that they are words that actually means something, because otherwise it’d just be jibberish. like riddaren would be an awful name if it didn’t have a meaning to be honest. 

and majestät is almost the same as majesty, so i hope it makes sense? 

tack så himla mycket! <3

Anonymous: Describe how your OCs would react toward someone saying their outfit was tacky and came from their grandmothers trunk.

well, kelpie boy and tinderan are basically always naked and riddaren wouldn’t give a damn.

robinius and majestät tho… oh man. rob would probably set up some horrible drug related trap and majestät would have them whipped for insulting their king. damn. 

cassius would probably cry in the small hours of the night tho. hahahah

Anonymous: are all of your oc's males?

most of them are, yes, though i have riddaren, who’s female, and also rora who’s still a bit sneaky and hidden. i haven’t written anything about her at all and i only got one pic of her on here i think.. i want to create more females tho!

Anonymous: Hart do you ever do that thing where when you are waiting to fall asleep you think through a certain scene between your OC's over and over again? If so, what scene have you been thinking about lately?

oooh i do have that thing! i usually think of majestät and riddaren, about them ending up in stupid situations and having to live with each other even though they’re totally different. i like to think about the first time they realize they have feelings for each other. also the first time majestät sees her emotional. she have to kill someone during their trip, someone that she really doesn’t want to kill, and afterwards he sees her all shaken up and upset. ahhhhh feelings…..

Anonymous: I want to know everything about your OC's! This is so intriguing. And your art is absolutely stunning <3

ahh thank you so much! i’ve got loads of asks to answer so you just sit back and enjoy hahaha! cheers! <3

luckynein: Tell me about the Kelpie Boy!

oooh kelpie boy is a total darling. he lives in a river and emerges as a beautiful, lean, tall, muscular black horse with a pale mane from the water. he strikes deals very easily, though every deal ends in him dragging the human into the water, drowning them before eating them. he doesn’t like it very much though and he always cries, but a kelpie gotta eat and it’s all he knows. 

he’s been in that river forever, until the stable boy drags him into the kings castle. he falls in love with the stable boy but the king basically enslaves him as something to entertain his court with, and the stable boy and the kelpie flees together. ending up in tragic, tragic events. ):

bananagrrl: Hi, i love your art! I kinda wondered what Riddaren and Majestät's journey was like? was Majestät trying to escape or was he just sulky? or did he just kinda roll with it? sorry if you've talked about this before.

oh man he was SULKY as hell. he got kidnapped during some sensual seduction from riddaren’s side and she dragged him half naked through the castle and out on the dusty road. he didn’t try to escape because she weighs like double his weight and he doesn’t have any weapon or survival skills. 

he isn’t used to living on the road at all, so everything becomes a chore to him, especially since his hands are backtied. in the beginning riddaren keeps him close all the time but eventually she lets him stray a bit because they both know he’ll come back to her. 

also she cuts off all of his hair halfway through their journey. 


thank you! <3